Wednesday, June 16, 2010

High School Mission Trip ~ Day 5 ~

Hey Ya'll!
Tonight we are finally not blogging from Kendra's phone, so we can actually do a detailed blog. (Even though Daniel doesn't want to...) We began our day at the Home Depot, secretly buying plants for the side flowerbed at the Scott building. When we arrived (an hour late...oops), they were excited to see that we had purchased them flowers. While one group put in flowers, the other group loaded the truck we would take to the church, and biked in their green gym again. We spent our morning broken up into several teams which pulled weeds on the playground, painted the hallway, moved body bags out of the haunted house in the basement (which is a famous fundraiser for Cass Community Center), powerwashed and bleached showers, cut and replaced rusted locks using bolt-cutters, and caulked windows. We ended our evening spending time with some of the youth from the Cass church. We learned a few of the students stories, and told them a little about Missouri. They wanted to know if all we had were cows... (Yes.) We then mingled during dinner, and followed it up with a friendly game of basketball. Some of the students went to the playground with the smaller kids. They really enjoyed the face time with the students. We didn't want to leave the kids. One of the cooks from Cass gave our group a DELICIOUS cake to take with us!! It didn't last a half an hour. We are waiting for the sweaty boys that played basketball to get out of the shower so we can do devotion and go to sleep at a decent time...
Tomorrow we head to the tire shop to make mud mats.

Thanks for all the prayers

Daniel Riekena & Samantha Figg

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CC said...

Wow! What a busy day! Good job guys and gals!