Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sometimes People are Sad at Christmas

Sometimes people are sad at Christmas, and I think that's because we make it about family and gifts and fudge and decorating. We get disappointed, because people don't behave in the way we expect. We get sad, because we want things to go the way we planned.

Jesus wants us to have peace. Jesus wants us to make peace. Jesus said, "In this world, you will have trouble...but take heart, I have overcome the world." (John 16:33)

I'm reminded of a story I heard a long time ago about a man, a boy and a donkey:

'Let’s go to the market and let’s sell the donkey.’ said the man. So the man and his son took the donkey to the market. They walked along the road and the donkey walked behind them.

A young man saw the man and his son and their donkey. He laughed, ’You’re crazy! Why don’t you ride on your donkey?’ ’You’re right!’ said the man and he got on the donkey. The donkey walked in front and the man’s son walked behind.

A young woman saw the man riding on the donkey and his young son walking behind. She shouted, ’That’s not fair! You are big and strong and that poor little boy is tired. He must ride on the donkey. Not you!’ ’You’re right!’ said the man. So the man got off the donkey and he told his son to get on the donkey. The donkey walked in front and the father walked behind.

A rich farmer saw the boy riding on the donkey and the father walking behind. ’Heh! You’ve got a donkey but you are walking. That’s ridiculous!’ ’You’re right. It is ridiculous!’ said the man and so he got on the donkey and sat behind his son.

A poor old woman saw the man and his son riding on the donkey. ’That’s cruel! That is so cruel! Poor donkey! Get off it at once! It is the donkey’s turn. YOU must carry the donkey!’ ’Yes, you’re right. It’s cruel!’ said the man. So the man and his son got off the donkey. Then the man tied the donkey’s feet togther and then he got a long branch and he put it between the donkey’s legs and then the man and his son picked up the donkey and carried him to the market.

’Poor donkey!’ everbody shouted. ’Put that donkey down! Don’t tie its legs! Let it walk!’ ’Oh, no!’ said the man. ’We wanted to make everbody happy! Now everybody is angry!’ So the man cut the rope, and the donkey stood up and ran away.

The moral: When you try to make everyone happy, you end up losing you ass. :o) might end up being sad at Christmas.

In this world, we will have trouble. We will disappoint, and we will be disappointed--when we put our hope only in one another. This Christmas, and every day, may we put our hope, our trust and our faith in the only one who does not disappoint.