Saturday, June 19, 2010

High School Mission Trip 7

Getting Close!!!

Today we packed up camp at Cass at about 7 o clock AM. We stopped at McDonald's for breakfast. We proceeded to Cedar Point to spend an amazing day riding coasters. Nobody got sick, and nobody passed out, but everybody had fun. While driving to IHOP Marcy was really excited to drive through Fostoria. She kept saying something about a glass factory. We stopped at IHOP for a celebratory dinner. Today was my birthday (Sam) so they embarrassed me by having the waiters sing to me... After leaving IHOP we drove directly into a storm.... So, we stopped at McDonald's to wait it out. After about 45 minutes we reloaded the car, and drove the final 1.5 hours to the hotel. We received our room assignments and prepared for sleep. If you cannot tell, we are blogging a little bit late tonight hehehe. Tomorrow we will drive the final eight hours back home.

We can't wait to see everyone, and sleep in our own beds...
Thanks for all the prayers

Daniel Riekena & Samantha Figg

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